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«Performance doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.»
(For individual sports or teams)
Perhaps the most important factor for high competition is not what most people think. In high competition, technical quality, is not the only factor to achieve the competitive advantage (generally, the level of athletes is quite high), and that’s why some details such as vital energy, nutrition, stress and sleep can make a difference in important times. When we coach an Athlete, we analyze his current power state of health and nutrition and we WORK the best steps to get better results in his health, well-being and increasing performance.
What we do?

It simply! Advanced Nutrition and Health Coaching to Performance is the best way to do it! Our main goal is to help athletes to «understand food as an athlete» and giving them a foundation to take their body’s to the next level.
With Advanced Nutrition  Coaching strategies (to help the athlete in his food plan and sport lifestyle).

We also use Elite diagnostics to analyze the internal health environment, the degree of oxidative stress, vitamin and minerals, vital energy, immune strength, state of the main organs and their adaptability to the athlete lifestyle, tissue condition, dental evaluation, metabolism and endocrine system, sleep patterns and other information. It is important to know the sensitive factors for the athlete to reduce the risk of injury, improve vitality,
energy production and well-being.

Some strategies:

  • Individual sessions.
  • «FROM LAB TO KITCHEN» Group workshop’s (for teams only)
  • Intolerance Food Test: Food Intolerance slow down athletes performance. Athletes are very sensitive to food intolerances due to the stress they are exposed and to the immune system function. They are very vulnerable especially at meals before training or competition because the level of dehydration during exercise and also because the digestive system is always in second plan, first the body has to guarantee the blood volume in the muscular systeam. Modify diet based on food intolerances has the potential to offer more energy, weight management, reduced recovery time, improve the quality of sleep and many other crucial benefits for the athlete be at his best!
  • Vascular Therapy & Rehabilitation: The improvement of the movement in the smaller blood vessels, offers many health benefits to the immune system, to increase
    the performance and increase the competitiveness of the athlete. Based on many years of experience and on the regulatory processes of the body and its natural rhythm. Effective stimulation of microcirculation supports the body’s natural mechanisms for the treatment, recovery and regeneration processes. In addition to increasing the presence of oxygen at 30% in tissues, allows to improve cardiovascular health of the athlete. In disease, pain or recovery, vascular therapy is an excellent method of treatment and pain reduction; the process of wound healing is accelerated, the increase of energy for physical and mental
    activity is potentiated and the regeneration process increase. In sports medicine,  it’s essential not only for the injured athlete, but also, for whole team, because it can decrease the time of regeneration and recovery, increase the availability of the athletes, the intensity of trainings and benefits, reduce the timing of post-training regeneration and reduce the risk of injury.
  • In our programs we also supervise our athletes with Actigraphy apps and devices, about sleep and activity.

    Hope to see you soon at the top … in your best performance!

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